b. 1996, Halifax, NS | @brenmccracken |

I am a student and writer from K'jipuktuk (Halifax, NS) currently living in Tiohtià:ke (Montréal, QC).
I am an M.A. student at Concordia University, where I study 20th and 21st century literature, critical theory, Anthropocene studies, and critical posthumanism. My thesis project intervenes in these fields to argue for the speculative affordances of realist prose and interrogate “ecology” as a model for indexing responsible forms of relation, organizing, and future-making. 

At Concordia, I currently run social media communications for the Milieux Institute and am an active member of working groups on decolonial ecological thought, representing the Anthropocene, and the Romantic fragment

I am also a writer and critic and have written extensively on independent music and art, with a particular interest in experimental genres and work from Atlantic Canada. My writing has appeared in Maisonneuve, Musicworks, This Magazine, Visual Arts News, and The Coast, Halifax’s alt-weekly, where I was a contributing writer. 

In 2020, I joined the jury of the Polaris Music Prize. 

I like zines, the radio, and the ocean. 

Curriculum Vitae 
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